About Estee

One of my greatest joys is being a stay at home mom. I never thought this dream was possible, but in February of 2017, my destiny changed. Let me explain… My driving force was always a paycheck. I am blessed that our family doesn’t depend on my additional income and yes, I love being a SAHM, so why does the paycheck drive me so? I am proud to say that I love earning my own money. I am COMPLETELY empowered. I spent 16 years in healthcare and while I did appreciate the industry, I longed for the freedom of being home while still earning an income.  

So, what changed in 2017? ME. I changed.


And I’m not talking about my mind or my drive; I’m talking about my health. My body. My hair. I had begun to notice for the last 6 months, my hair started falling out. It first started in the shower. I noticed an increasing amount of hair when I finished with my showers, but I didn’t give it any energy. I merely dismissed it. Must be part of the aging process – I was entering my mid-30’s, so that must be the issue. But then, I started to notice extra hair in my hairbrush.

Now, this was getting my attention.

I reached out to my dear friend, a stylist, and she suggested coming in for a complimentary shampoo with a new product line she was carrying. I was skeptical, but it was FREE, so why not, right? Admittedly, I am a hard-sell and resisted until it was clear, my hair was NOT coming back.

Just a few hours later, at a social event, I had multiple people come up to me asking what was different about my hair. Forgetting about the hair appointment, I said “nothing new, I just had it washed and styled, today”. Then it dawned on me, it was the new products that my friend had used earlier that day. My hair was healthier, shinier and full of body.

And with a bottle of shampoo, my destiny changed. So began my business with Monat. I now have the blueprint to financial freedom: the daily joy to be a SAHM mom, to eventually retire my husband, and to help fund local elementary schools + their programs…